Our InCide Team

InCide Technologies is a leading producer of borates based out of Phoenix Arizona and the affordable solution for your flame retardant needs. 

Jim Blasius

CEO/ Vice President

Randy Lunsford

Plant Manager

Osvaldo Nichols

Coatings Director

Miriam Kebede

Office Manager / Accounts Payable

Francis Ramos

Accounts Receivable

Christy Sass


Erika Barrera

Customer Service Representative

Jose Gomez

Maintenance Manager

Cassandra Cejudo

Customer Service Representative

Our Products

InCide Tech is an expert producer of borate powders and granular. Borates can be used to manufacture a variety of products that prevent fires and slow ignition of flames. Flame retardants can be applied to a number of products such as furnishings, fabrics, electronics, and building/construction materials.